About Us

Dr. Mobile is a One-Stop-Shop for mobile repair, purchase and accessories services


Dr. Mobile is formed by Third Generation Mobile Care which located at Penang, Georgetown in Gurney Plaza and Prangin Mall. It has been established in business in the year 2001. Nevertheless, our mission is to provide the superior repair services, the affordable prices and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Repair are normally carried out by Qualified and well Experienced technician which having the detailed knowledge even in the most challenging and difficult tasking. Hence, In order satisfy customer, our professional repair technicians are well trained and qualified specialists in a wide range of products including iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, iPod, iPad and more. Besides, we are able to offer the best possible prices of quality products and service in today's keenly competitive market.

On the other hand, we are proud to announced that we are also one of the authorized collection point for CSL and HTC in Northern Region of Malaysia. In addition, we do provide variety choices of phone accessories with superior quality.

Why choose Dr.Mobile ?

  • We only use genuine and original parts
  • We use all the latest diagnostic equipments
  • Cut out the cost of the middle man especially when you are sending your phone to a phone shop, 80% of them will send your phone to a service centre to repair which cost doubles your repair bill.
  • We always call our customer for quotation before repair it
  • All of our staff are well-trained and able to deal with most of the different task

Hence, why not find us immediately ?


Tracking Status

You can track your device repairing status here